The Legend

Welcome to the King Billy online casino! Legends and myths about this True and Unrepeatable Kingdom have spread all over the world. Here you will be taken on a fascinating journey into an exciting and incredible world filled with games and entertainment. Those who have been here call it “the land of joy”, “the land of slots”, “the land of table games”, “the land of live games” and “the land of jackpots”, as well as “the land where worries are few and bonuses are many”.

King Billy has become a truly famous and powerful king! He ruled his kingdom wisely and justly, creating unparalleled living conditions for his subjects. Players from Canada can also use the King Billy mobile version to plunge into the fairy world. Here everyone felt happy and profits poured in like a river. It was all thanks to the wise choice of trustworthy advisors to whom he entrusted the management of his vast kingdom.

The head of this huge and amazing kingdom never infringed on the rights of his loyal players. King Billy respected everyone and did not divide them into deserving and undeserving. Absolutely everyone in this kingdom could achieve the highest noble status. To this day, anyone could become a citizen of King Billy and reach incredible heights, becoming a baron, earl, marquis, duke, prince, and, finally, the king himself, sharing the throne with King Billy himself. What’s more, this kingdom is amazing in the fact that the many esteemed ladies can also claim all these ranks.

King Billy has been recognized and awarded licenses by some of the most famous, reputable and respected institutions in the world! And if you haven’t yet become a citizen of this beautiful kingdom, then hurry up and do it! Become one of the esteemed gentlemen of King Billy himself!

Have Fun and May You Always Win!

In the kingdom of King Billy, Canadian players will find a fascinating journey into an exciting and incredible world filled with games and entertainment