Responsible Game

You’ll discover all the information you require right here to not only become a gambler who takes their responsibilities more seriously but also to safeguard themselves against the possibility of acquiring a gambling addiction. One of the best ways to unwind and have a nice time is to make use of the services that are provided by the King Billy Canada.

King Billy Casino takes care of its Canadian players and prevents gambling addiction

Introduction to Responsible Play

Online casino gambling should always be about enjoyment. However, there are some gamblers who lose control. Before you begin wagering, you must realize that it should never be viewed as a source of income or a method for paying off debts. It is beneficial to keep account of the daily amount of time and money spent at online casinos. If you feel that you are spending more money than you can afford or that gambling is interfering with your normal daily activities, we strongly suggest that you consider a number of the measures described in this article, such as setting personal limits on your gambling activities, choosing to self-exclude, or seeking assistance and support from reputable independent agencies.

Game Crucial Aspects

In an effort to protect its clients from the potential for developing gambling addictions, the corporation not only looks out for customers who break the rules but also abides by the principles of responsible gaming:

  • Anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to use the company’s services; 
  • The company keeps tabs on a blacklist of problematic players and never access to them;
  • The player understands that they could lose money if they use the company’s services;
  • Clients can contact technical support to establish restrictions and self-exclusion periods, and the firm reserves the right to decline a client’s request to lift a block, lift a freeze, or lift a self-exclusion.

Game Management

The company suggests maintaining a balance between the game and other real-world activities, and suggests familiarizing yourself with simple rules. The client should not view the company’s services as a way to make money, but rather as a source of amusement. To maintain a comfortable level of engagement, observe these guidelines:

  • Bet only the quantity of money that has been set aside in advance;
  • Take more pauses and play for a certain amount of time;
  • Do not attempt to earn back the amount lost immediately;
  • Accept that losing is a matter of chance and refrain from taking it personally;
  • Determine the game’s strategy in advance and maintain process control;
  • Utilize as many bonus offers as feasible to minimize capital risk.

How do I control my spending?

To assist you in gambling responsibly, we offer the “Personal Limits” function. You can limit the amount you deposit, lose, wager, and spend in a game, as well as your overall account activity. This feature is accessible through your personal account’s “Personal Limits” section. Limits are subject to change at any time. A limit reduction takes effect instantaneously, whereas a limit increase must be confirmed via email and can only occur after the previous limit has expired. Players can use the following limits to control their wagering addiction:

  • Deposit Limit. A limit on your daily, weekly, or monthly deposits;
  • Loss Limit. The maximum amount you can lose in a casino per day, week, or month;
  • Betting limit. Limit the quantity of your daily, weekly, and monthly bets;
  • Session limit. Limiting the quantity of time spent playing in minutes.

If you require additional information or assistance with your personal limits, please email [email protected].

Need a break?

The company has innovative features that encourage players to consider their gaming behavior. Send a request to support with the intention of having one of the following choices applied to your account. The following are the available choices for your request:

  • Cooling Off Limit. You can set a reflection period for a specific period of time. While the limit is active, you cannot make deposits to the Casino, and you will be excluded from all promotional offers, although you can withdraw your remaining funds during this period;
  • Self-Exclusion Limit. You may set a self-exclusion limit for a specified or indefinite period of time. After that, your player account will be immediately disabled and you will be excluded from all promotional offers for the set period.

What is self-exclusion?

Self-exclusion is a service provided by the company to allow users to control their playing time and spending limits. If you believe that your losses in the game have increased and the game itself is no longer entertaining, please contact our support team to request self-exclusion. If you have self-excluded yourself from the casino, you will be unable to access your account and request a withdrawal of any remaining funds.

What is a reality check?

Periodically, the company notifies users when they have spent sufficient time playing. Regardless of how many games you play concurrently, the company will send you a reminder of the time and money spent. This is done so that you have time to consider your wagers and possibly contemplate pausing the game.

Professional help

If betting addiction is a concern, the company suggests seeking professional assistance. To prevent the development of betting addiction, it is best to consult renowned specialists in this field, such as:

  • Gamblers Anonymous;
  • GamCare;
  • Gambling Therapy.

Juvenile Protection 

King Billy employs stringent measures, including age restrictions on advertisements, to prohibit minors from accessing its website. We acknowledge, however, that juveniles can still access gaming websites. To prevent their children from accessing gaming websites, we recommend that parents keep a close watch on all shared computers in the home. In addition, the company suggests installing the necessary applications to restrict the online activity of juveniles.

  • CyberPatrol;
  • GamBlock®;
  • Solid Oak Software;
  • Net Nanny.